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Who We Are

We are always looking for the next big idea. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Key features of TAMC's modus operandi are:

  • Teams are empowered to run the business 

  • Key players share in the proceeds of an eventual sale of the relevant investee companies, thus recognising the contribution of all individuals

  • Key focus for all investments is to enhance the fundamentals such as differentiated product/service and realising efficiencies where relevant

  • Waste of resources are kept to a minimum, management decisions are taken and implemented quickly

TAMC operates within clear ethical guidelines:

  • Peoples aspirations are paramount.

  • Sharing of the rewards with those involved is vital.

  • We will not invest in businesses involved in products causing harm to humans, exploitation of third world labour, unnecessary suffering of animals, and immoral practices.

  • We will be transparent and involve key stakeholders throughout the process 

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